Goddess Of The Moon

I have always loved looking up at the sky on a clear night and seeing the moon and the stars.  Something about it I always found so peaceful and calming.  I didn’t realise however from a spiritual perspective just how powerful the moon was especially for women. 

The moon goes through various stages every month with the 2 main stages people talk about being the new moon and the full moon.  Around this time the energy is strong and can be used for renewal (new moon) and cleansing/detoxing (full moon).  Some women may notice this with their monthly cycle.  Astrologically speaking the moon is feminine whilst the sun is masculine.  I would say that most women are typically their moon signs whilst most men are typically their sun sign.

When you hear about astrology & the moon you probably hear how the moon is feminine & represents emotions. Feminine essence is receptive and most women act off of their emotions and are guided by their intuition or “gut instinct”.  There is however other sides to the moon. Women are more than just their emotions. Women are complex and astrology is reflective of this with the different aspects of the moon.

In astrology there is:

  • The moon

The moon rules the sign of cancer, the 4th house (which is the home – both physical & emotional) & the mother. It is also said to be your emotional state.

  • The dark moon (True Lilith)

Lilith gets things done.  It is the feminine energy which helps you do masculine activities.


Nodes of the moon

These are related to past lives & skills acquired there (South Node) along with your life path now & work required here (North Node).

Any woman that doesn’t feel some sort of connection to any part of the moon is closed off to their feminine characteristics because women & the moon go hand in hand. Some women even have their menstrual cycles in line with a particular phase of the moon & some women partake in moon rituals.

Just think about how versatile & complex the moon is and how versatile & complex you are as a woman.  The similarities are uncanny.

A Goddess of the moon recognises & incorporates all sides of the moon. The light, the dark & the nodes. They are balanced, unapologetic & proud of their uniqueness, and that makes them a truly Divine Female. A real Goddess.

Are you a true Goddess of The Moon? Let me know in the comment section below.

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