True Freedom

I was recently reminded about the importance of financial freedom & self–worth and how they work in together. 

Financial Freedom

Apart from being able to buy nice things having your finances in check allows you to be in charge of your own independence and your life especially in relationships.

I noticed that one guy I know was having a lot of issues with his partner and money has been a huge part of their arguments as of late.  I realised that whilst he was expressing his unhappiness to me and after witnessing a part of what was going on I had a few suggestions on what could easily help him turn things around.  I gave him a little bit of advice because through listening to him I wanted him to know there were some things he could do straight away which didn’t require any money and I could see that he was becoming depressed.  However as I have been growing on my journey I have made it a new habit of mine to not give people help or advice unless they ask for it no matter who they are because I know personally it is simply a waste of time as a lot of people don’t want to hear what your opinion is if it differs from theirs so I mainly sat & listened.

The more I listened and the more I thought about it I was easily able to come up with a lot of ideas which would help him but I realised that money was still required.  It made me realise that money is indeed a huge part of everything and that if your money isn’t right then you will encounter all sorts of problems.  Money or lack thereof is a cause of a lot of problems most people seem to have in life.  When you have financial freedom you don’t have to rely on anyone else for money be it a job/boss you hate or a partner you love.  If you have to rely on someone else to fund your life then they have control over you & you should be able to have control over yourself.  This applies to both men & women.


When you have a high sense of self-worth you don’t tolerate any BS because you know just how valuable you are.  Upon reflection of our conversation I felt happy with myself as I realised just how far I had come personally with my own self-worth that I could now identify immediately someone who had low self-worth and someone who had high self-worth.

It was evident to me that whether he realised it or not, this guy had low self-worth as the way they were being treated was beyond horrific.  I felt sad for them because I instantly could see ways they could come out of the situation yet it was clear from listening to them that they felt trapped and had pretty much given up.  It was clear to see that they had let their personal appearance go downhill, they were being spoken to like they were worthless usually with derogatory terms and a vast amount of profanity being used… the list goes on.

I thought to myself that a gym membership would be beneficial to this guy because not only would they be able to work on their personal appearance thereby helping to get their confidence back, but they could also release any frustration in a healthy way and then they could communicate clearly & calmly any issues they have with their partner when they have both calmed down.  Also they wouldn’t need to listen to the negativity & the hurtful things their partner says all the time particularly in an argument because gyms are usually open 24 hours so anytime they were having an argument they could just leave the house & go to the gym (which given the frequency of their arguments they could easily go from Rob Kardashian to Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime within a few months).

From personal experience I know that when you start to work on your self-worth and you begin to improve it, your life changes for the better and you end up with people around you who respect you and your boundaries because you don’t tolerate anything which is out of alignment with them.

The Winning Combination

When you have both self-worth and financial freedom your life changes in such a drastic way that you cannot imagine ever going back to a life where 1 of them was missing let alone both.  Your mind-set regarding your finances empowers you in such a way that you can become a natural hustler and as a result can always make your own money.  What I have realised is that I am now able to look at my natural talents & skills and make money from them on my own terms and as a result I will never be out of work/money.  When you have a healthy sense of self-worth you know what you do and don’t tolerate so you aren’t pushed to do something that isn’t in alignment with your morals, beliefs and boundaries in any area of your life and certainly not to get money.  I know what I can and can’t tolerate so I am not afraid to say no to any opportunities which means compromising my morals, beliefs or boundaries no matter how much money I am offered.

When you make that connection it is such a liberating feeling because you take charge of your life.  If looking for help in the financial arena I would recommend following Nadia Arain on Twitter @TheSpartanite and checking out her website.

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