She’s A Hoe

“She’s a hoe”

Is she really? To me being a hoe is when you have sex with different men (multiple sexual relations) without much of break in between & outside of being in a relationship.

A lot of women like to call other women hoes when they don’t actually fit the definition of a hoe. Men, on the other hand, tend to use the term in the correct way. For example, if a women posts naked pictures of herself most women will be like “oh she’s a hoe” while most men won’t say that. They may not respect her or have any views of making her their partner but from a picture without knowing anything else they wouldn’t openly say she was a hoe. They may think it, but they won’t instantly say it.

A lot of women are now on the “empowerment” train & yet they will openly use words in the wrong context about other women. Personally, I wouldn’t say Kim Kardashian is a hoe. She does a lot of things that are not going to make people respect her but she doesn’t fit the definition of a hoe.

To be honest, if I was offered the same amount of money as her to post naked pictures, a few years ago I would’ve happily ripped my clothes off there & then, hell I probably would’ve thrown in a free naked twerk video too. She is a business woman who uses her assets to make money.

I wouldn’t do that now because it’s just not me & I’ve definitely grown since then but I don’t look down on those who do that and that is my point. A lot of women look down upon other women because they make different choices to them. They will use derogatory terms to describe them & the term usually doesn’t fit!

If you still don’t understand what I mean then look at it this way. A woman being in a romantic relationship with a man is his girlfriend/partner/significant other, calling her a wife would be incorrect if there has been no legal marriage.

The terms which women use to describe other women are often incorrect. I honestly switch off when most women say another woman is a hoe because usually they just don’t like something the woman has done. Sometimes it’s simply because a lot of guys are (or one particular guy she likes is) attracted to the women and she is simply jealous.

I think when a woman generates a lot of sexual attraction from men either intentionally (posting naked pictures, always talking about how turned on they are/favourite sex positions/how freaky they are on social media etc) or unintentionally (they have a sexually magnetic aura) she is labelled a hoe automatically by other women mostly through jealousy & envy.

I honestly don’t care if another woman is a hoe or not and I don’t describe women in that way or look down on them. They may actually be very aware that they are a hoe & they may actually like it. A lot of women like to receive compliments, gifts & all the attention that usually comes when a man is sexually attracted to them. Yes, some women who aren’t hoes intentionally package themselves as one simply because they like the attention that comes with it. Some do it because they think that is the only way to get into a relationship (it isn’t but that’s a whole other post). Some do it because they have low self-confidence & low self-worth and use it as a way to make themselves feel better (external validation).

I could post pictures of avocado toast, talk about the benefits of being a vegan but if I go home & eat chicken every night it would mean I wasn’t a vegan! The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” springs to mind. Just because someone markets themselves a certain way, it doesn’t mean that is what they are.

If you truly want to empower women then be more mindful of the words you use. Also, ask yourself why it even bothers you what another woman (and in most cases a complete stranger) does sexually? Why does it bother you that she is a hoe? Is she really even a hoe?

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