Appreciation > Gratitude

Poverty consciousness & gratitude go hand in hand.

Gratitude is focusing on the past & if the past was filled with lack then ultimately you are focusing on & manifesting more lack.

Focusing on the past means you’re not focusing on your current self & your current self is your most powerful self because it is actively creating both the past & the future simultaneously whether you are conscious of it or not.

Appreciation is focusing on the present. Right now, this moment, wholeheartedly.

“A past is a point of reference not a place of residence” – @watchjazzy IG

Make peace with your past. Most people today say thing like “don’t forget about where you came from” etc but you need to make peace with it all, good or bad. If you are at peace with your past then you can release it. Let it go. Stop focusing on it. Stop being grateful for having more now than you did before. That is living in the past. Show appreciation for the now.

Appreciation means:

– recognition & enjoyment of the good qualities in someone or something

– recognising or understanding that something is valuable, important or as described.

Recognise & enjoy what you have & what is happening right now without referencing it to your past. That is appreciation. Recognise & understand the value in the power you have right now.

Being humble & grateful is outdated old news. It’s small thinking of a lack mindset from someone that is stuck in poverty consciousness, and either a. feels undeserving of what they have or b. fears that it will be taken away. This is blocking you from your desires & experiencing the abundance of the universe.

Stop saying you’re grateful & start saying you appreciate. Shift the focus from past lack to present enjoyment. Make peace with your past to release it & any residual habits keeping you tied to poverty consciousness such as expressing gratitude.


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