Time Out

There is nothing wrong with taking time out to better yourself. Whether it’s to figure out what you want in life or to love yourself or to reconnect with your emotions, whatever the initial reason is, if the ultimate goal is better yourself then take the time out to do it.

We constantly put things on hold & sacrifice parts of ourselves & as a result, we end up hurting ourselves the most. There is nothing wrong with stopping & declaring you need to put yourself first & taking a time out.

Time outs involve alone time, a lot of what seems like solitude. Friends & extended family take up a lot less of your time because you give yourself at least 95% of it. You put yourself first! The people that have a problem with you taking the time out are not important. When you enter back into the world a better version of yourself you will reconnect with those that do matter & you will know because they will listen to you & understand that it wasn’t anything personal, so they will welcome you back with open arms.

How long are the time outs? They vary from person to person. They can last a few months to a few years. It all depends on you &

  • how much work you are putting in,
  • what your initial reason is &
  • What traumas / wounds exist.

It could take me 4 months to love myself & it could take someone else 2 years. That doesn’t discredit the person that took 2 years as the traumas they may have faced & their wounds could be a lot bigger than mine hence more work may be required before they can truly feel like they do love themselves.

Putting yourself first is selfish but there is nothing wrong with being selfish. You can’t help anyone if you aren’t in a good/healthy place to begin with. Time outs are what allow us to stay sane and renew our energy. I have had time outs which have lasted a good 3 years – I was a real hermit and I do not feel bad about it. During that time I experienced major growths and transformations. A lot of women (& men too) are made to feel bad for taking time out because today’s society makes people think you need to constantly be on the go. Women especially are not built to be constantly on the go, we are built to be more relaxed and receptive.

If you feel like you are constantly tired, don’t know what direction you’re heading or are just at a loss in life, then perhaps you really do need a time out so that you can figure it all out. It is one of the best ways to rebuild a relationship with yourself and the relationship you have with yourself sets the foundation for all the others.

Have you ever had a time out? What was the result? Let me know in the comment section below.

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