How To Be Single

So I watched the movie how to be single and I enjoyed it. It got me thinking about how being single really is the time to define yourself and try out things when you don’t really have any responsibilities. I liked how it didn’t end in the stereotypical way of everyone getting into a relationship. Honestly, there is a lot that you can do in the time that you are single. A lot of the time women are focusing on romantic relationships or lack thereof and the movie showed through the character Alice, just how easy it is to forget who you are and what you want when a guy shows interest. It also showed through her sister, just how easy it is to be set in your ways and push people away when you have been single for a lengthy period of time.

Honestly, I could relate more to the sister than Alice. She was the miss “independent” and well yeah that was me. However whilst I like being single I can admit that yes I do want a romantic relationship. I feel like I have successfully worked through my baggage and I know who I am and what I would like out of a relationship, but unlike Lucy, I am not only focused on that. I would much rather it happened naturally than me focusing only on that. I prefer to have a life outside of my relationships & the only way to do that is to have one prior to getting into a relationship.

The negative connotation with being single is because people think you are all alone but you aren’t. You have your friends and family those are still relationships just not romantic ones. It is important to know yourself but that doesn’t necessarily mean you require total solitude & isolation from the world. In order to truly know yourself, you have to engage with and interact with others. Life is all about moments, and making memories to remember & laugh about. It’s an experience. Think about your best memories and you will see that 9/10 of them involved other people.

When you are single you can utilise the time to still have fun & then when you do get into a romantic relationship or you start dating, you will have stories of your own to share. I mean there are only so many times you can talk about work.

I also think we need other relationships besides romantic ones so that we can talk with others who can relate. Sometimes a man can only talk to a man, and a woman can only talk to a woman. You can tend to and strengthen those relationships when you are single. The main thing is that you don’t forget about those relationships when you are in a romantic relationship. Yes, there may be some adjustments but as long as you don’t completely abandon them all then you will be fine. Also, it’s usually those relationships which continue the longest and if your romantic relationship ends those relationships help get you through it.

A lot of people are lonely because they aren’t interacting with other people. The lack of contact / physical social interaction with the rise of digital social media contact is the reason for this. It isn’t the absence of a romantic relationship. If anything a break up highlights the problem, because you have gone from having that regular interaction with one person to having none. Make it a point to meet up with your family or friends regularly whether you are single or not. Single isn’t synonymous with lonely, there is a lot that you can do whilst you are single and the movie was a good reminder of that. If you haven’t seen it, then I would say watch it and let me know your thoughts on it.

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