Mothers, Enforce Your Boundaries

People are influenced a lot by their parents relationship. When you are hurt emotionally growing up you can internalise it and either you grow up thinking it’s normal & you seek out that kind of relationship (one that mimics your parents) or you decide that will never be you and avoid doing what your parents… Continue reading Mothers, Enforce Your Boundaries

The Art of Romancing Yourself

Everyone has a love language and not everyone’s is the same hence what you find loving could be different to that of your partner or your mum or your best friend. If you wish to learn more about love languages, and take the test, then you might want to read my post love & communication.… Continue reading The Art of Romancing Yourself


If a woman started giving a man the silent treatment because he didn’t get her the necklace she had been hinting at for her birthday, people would say she is being passive-aggressive. If a man started giving a woman the silent treatment because she didn’t get him the watch he had been hinting at for… Continue reading Manipulation

Interdependent Relationships

Healthy relationships are interdependent. To have true intimacy you have to be able to be interdependent. A lot of women today are typically either codependent or independent but we should all strive to be interdependent (men & women) as our relationships would be much better, but what is the difference between the 3 of them?

Passion or Aggression?

A lot of people mistake true passion for aggression, especially if you are a woman. Aries rules passion and if you have strong Aries placements in your natal chart, then you’ve probably heard that you’re aggressive more than most people. As someone with a Mercury in Scorpio, I was often called “aggressive” when I was… Continue reading Passion or Aggression?