Move Your Body Girl

Dancing. It’s been around for centuries and is one of the best ways to get back in touch with the feminine traits you have. When you listen to music that you like your emotions come alive and you automatically want to start dancing. No matter what your preferred genre is, when you hear music that you like your mind starts to drift & your body begins to sway or your head starts to nod.

Today in a society so keen to judge, condemn, laugh & shame people whom they perceive as dancing inadequately or inappropriately a lot of people have become shy to dance. They suppress their innate urge to let the music flow through them naturally and let their body just move however it wants. They suppress their ability to allow their intuition to guide them & their body, their creativity & their ability to just let loose & express themselves. Whether you or other people think you can dance it doesn’t matter. Dancing lets you express yourself however you want to.

Emotions are energy in motion so what better way to feel & release this energy (good or bad) than to dance? Music is powerful & speaks to your emotions hence you get chills or feel sad or sexy or happy when you hear a certain song. Music has the ability to change your emotions & can help you to transform your energy when you dance to it naturally, purely & creatively without thinking about it. By letting your intuition guide your body’s movements no matter how big & dramatic or how simple & repetitive, you are letting your femininity take over.

Why not start by putting on some music and:

  • covering any mirrors so you aren’t tempted to look at & judge yourself,
  • closing the curtains/blinds so none can see in,
  • closing the door so no one in the house can see you if you don’t live alone,
  • then simply feel the music & do whatever comes naturally to you.

If you feel like you want/need to cry during your dancing or if you want/need to sing during your dance session, then do that. You’re releasing your emotions, transforming your energy & crying/singing are sometimes another part of that process.

Remember to have fun with it. Try not to think about it, analyse it or make sense of it because that is a masculine trait. It doesn’t have to be logical, it doesn’t have make sense. Let your intuition take control & guide you. Soon enough you won’t care who sees as you will feel so good afterwards it won’t matter to you what they think nor should it! Those who ridicule & judge you have clearly never felt the freedom & the high after a proper intuitive dance session & unless it is your profession & you are performing, then you do not need to have professionally perfect dance moves. You’re dancing for yourself not them. They are free to dance however they want to & so are you, so in the words of Nina Sky “Move Your Body Girl!”

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2 thoughts on “Move Your Body Girl

  1. I love, love, LOVE this post! I remember how many hours I spent in my bedroom dancing to music and looking in the mirror thinking of what a waste it was that I was so overweight and for that reason, my passion for dancing could never flourish.

    I was about 22 years old when I discovered the Body Positivity movement. And the first thing I did after building up my confidence was dancing again and I eventually became a Zumba instructor.

    I was so delighted to see this blog! It reminds me of just how far I’ve come. Thank you for writing it!


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